Here’s my confession…

Life in the mud. (Jennifer Fabrizi)
(c) Jennifer Fabrizi, 2017

Are you struggling?


This is a blog for people trying to make sense of the world through the eyes of sinners passionately wanting to become saints.


Maybe you’ve never known God but wish you did.

Maybe you used to believe but life got messy and you screwed up so long ago that you fear there’s no way back.

Maybe you call yourself a Christian but you feel like you’re just going through the motions.

Maybe you believe in God but cannot believe that He cherishes you.

Maybe even though you know Him and love Him, you’re in one of those times or places when it’s just so hard.


This blog is a reminder to me and to you to trust in God; to not be afraid to surrender our lives to Him, no matter how convoluted and difficult and wretched we think our past or present is. A reminder that He loved us into being and He loves us still.


This is a blog about not waiting for the struggles to stop in order to start praising and glorifying and exclaiming our God.

It’s an ode to His goodness, providence, love, and steadfastness in the midst of it all: struggles and joys.

It’s a love letter to Him and an invitation to others to fall in love too.