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I’m Jennifer and God made me to love me.

Jennifer Fabrizi, writer
(c) Jennifer Fabrizi, 2017

This is the truth that drops me to my knees in overwhelming awe and thanksgiving; that weaves together the stories of my life. It is the truth that guides me and gives me purpose; it’s the truth that makes me smile and sing with joy and the same truth that nurtures every effort and drags me out of the mud when I get stuck. It is the truth that assures me that all my prayers and works, joys and sufferings can be — are being — transformed into something beautiful that can be used for good, so that others can know He loves them too. This truth is the cloth on which the tapestry of my life — in His — is being woven.

In 2013 my husband, our four kids, and I said yes to a job offer and moved across the county more or less on a whim. Months earlier I had reverted to the Catholic faith of my youth because I was captivated by the truth of the Eucharist and found that Catholic theology seemed to offer the most coherent explanation of reality that I had encountered after much searching. This blog is about me trying to make sense of the world through the lens of a sinner trying desperately to become a saint, with full confidence in His goodness that I can be one. It’s about praising and glorifying and exclaiming our God and its an ode to His goodness, providence, love, and steadfastness. It’s a love letter to Him and an invitation to others to fall in love too.  This is where I share glimpses of His beautiful workmanship.  My prayer is that in reading my simple letters from the mud you will see yourself in His great love story.

I will be sending out one new letter every week, usually on a Friday evening. I do send these out by email. If you’d like to receive them, I encourage you to sign up for my email list (way down there at the bottom of the page). I promise I will never send you spam or share your email with anyone else. Yuck!

So. I already know God made you to love you too. What else would you like share with me? I’d be so grateful if you left a comment below or sent me a message.  I promise to reply to each one.  If you’d rather just read and stay quiet, that’s fine too, please know that I am so glad you’ve stopped in.

Peace and joy, beloved one!